Here is a rundown on services available at Technic-Eau. Of course, requirements vary so let us know how we can be of assitance.
Sales Technic-Eau offers a complete range of water treatment solutions to meet your every water treatment requirement. We build each unit as per your water analysis and treatment solution using the best available components to ensure long lasting minimal maintenance systems.
Installation We offer delivery and installation of all our systems. We make sure the available flow rates are within the system specs, positioning of systems to enable easy future access while being as compact as possible leaving you with more room for lifes other needs.
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We have clients from areas further out then our physical reach. Many have the ability to install their systems with a little guidance from us or their local plumber does it for them with our guidance.
Technic-Eau has the know how to repair a wide varity of water treatment systems. These systems produce 1000s and 1000s of gallons per month always fighting for each gallon produced and in some cases, they require certain levels of servicing in order to keep them up to par.

When desired we can show you how to do certain simple maintenance tasks that help maintain your systems peak performance.

Our store is located in St-Jerome, but  our physical area of work includes Montreal, Laval, North Shore, Lanaudiere and the Laurentians.
Repair Have something that needs repair? Bring it in and we' ll take a look. Some clients bring in their softeners or RO  units to save on back and forth service calls. Most will send us a photo of their system and then speak with us before they bring it in. There are many ways to save money while having your system refirbed, modified, updated or simply verified.
Yes, your well water supply quality and content can change, sometimes drastically even after a mild earthquake or after local dynamite discharges or from a new neighbor who just drilled his own well thus mixing new water sources into the one leading to your own well. In many cases, the home owner will require a revamp of their present system. We start from scratch with before and after water sampling and analysis. Then we look at the equipment in use and determine the level of performance and if anything needs repair. We will determine if certain equipment needs to change to better perform under any new water quality conditions. We do all this always with the home owners best interest at heart. How can we use what you have, with the least expense that offers the highest degree of performance? This is how we work at Technic-Eau.
Conception and Consulting You have a new project in mind. A new device. A new method of treatment and need to bounce off your ideas by an experienced water treatment professional. Let us know how we can help you as a consultant.
We do our own phyicochemical water analysis and have our bacteriological analysis done for us by H2Lab (formerly BioServices) located in Ste-Agathe, Quebec. See our link on Water Analysis.
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