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Here is a small sampling of equipment available at Technic-Eau. Of course the diversity is much greater so if you need something not shown please contact us.
Water Softener Used to remove hardness, iron and manganese at levels from low to high depending on the type used.
Consummable: Softener Salt available everywhere in 20kg bags. Quantity required per month will depend on the water analysis, number of people in the home and any other special conditions.
* Raw water shoud not contain bacterial iron.
** Raw water should not contain sand or high levels of turbidity.
Water Conditionner Same as softener but uses a combination of two or more resins to solve additional problems such as high alcalinity, tannin color ou nitrates if you live on or near a farm.
pH  Neutraliser Used to increase low pH water by increasing the dissolved calcium level. This mineral will dissolve in time so usually once every two years you need a rebed.
Catalytic Carbon Filter Used to remove sulfer and ferric or ferrous iron. The media will need replacement about every 7 to 10 years.
Actived Carbon Filter Used to eliminate chlorine or other bad tastes as well as a long list of chemicals. Carbon rebed required usually after two years.
Greensand Iron Filter Used to eliminate ferric and ferrous iron at higher  levels as well as removing sulfur smell. Consummable: Potassium Permanganate. About 5 lbs. per 3 month period.
Sand Filter Used to clarify highly turbid waters having ferric iron or other vissible contaminants. Wide range of medias available to attack a wide selction of problems.
Oxydizing Filter Used to eliminate low levels of iron and high levels of sulfur without the use of added chemicals. pH dependant.
Air Injection Used to eliminate low levels of iron and high levels of sulfur without the use of added chemicals. pH dependant. Works only with submersible well pumps. Reduces overall flow rate so usage has to be specific.
Dosage Pump Sometimes chlorine injection is the only best solution for certain bacterial sulfurs and iron. Also to neutralize certain bad tastes. Attention: Chlorine when in contactw ith organics like tannin will generate Trihalomethane (THM) which is highly cancerous. Users should have a carbon bloc filter under each sink with separate faucet for water consumption.
Ultraviolet Water Sterilization Used to sterilise water for human consumption. Very effective. UV lamp change yearly. Quartz tube 3-5 years. Inlet water has to be cleaned first. Does not generate THMs or other byproducts. They most convenient way of producing potable water.

In city water where you use a central actived carbon filter, UV would be a good addition since the carbon is removing the chorine that is supposed to protect against baceria. In well water with the same activated carbon filter, you absolutely need to add the UV after since the well water is not predisinfected.
Accelerator Use to increase reaction speed of certain oxydation methods. Could be air, could be cholrine. Compact. Replaces or reduces contact tank size.
Ozonation Used to oxydize iron, manganese, sulfur, bacteria, organic matter and even bad taste. Requires a contact tank that permits the needed reaction time for a certian flow rate. Does not produce by products.
Reverse Osmosis Used to eliminate up to 99% of water borne elements to produce pure water for human consumption. Inlet water has to be clean and meet certain mineral maximums such a hardness, iron, manganese and sulfur. If raw well water is above 500 TDS, chances are after it is softened it will have a slighty salty taste so R.O. usage would certainly be justified in these cases. R.O. can be your best friend when well maintained but becomes your worst enemy is left to its own devices. Change filters yearly, membrane 3-8 years and sterilise completely every 2 years. Known how to check the membrane.
Undercounter and above counter filter systems. Used for all city water supplies. No one should be drinking and cooking with city water anywhere. These systems simply answer the age old confirmation of "Filter....... or be the filter". It's better to filter the city water before drinking it. Buying bottled water is not the right answer. No matter where you live any filter is better then none but some waters need more stages then others to last. Coutertop units are for most appartments while undercounter systems with a separate pure water faucet will provide more filtration choices.
Whole House Filter Housing  Systems Used to filter city or well water from a myraid of problems offering a low cost solution. Big Blue sizes of 10" and 20" are the main formats used.
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