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If you require help in determining the best water treatment method(s) for your particular circumstances, the first step is a good water analysis and that starts with proper water sampling.

As the proud manager of your own private aquaduc system, it is strongly recommended that you do a bacterial and physico-chemical analysis once a year to make sure the water is both potable and has not undergone any major changes in mineral content.

The potable water analysis determines the bacterial quality of your water and if there may be health risks hence such an analysis must be done by a Minister of the Environment recognised and approved laboratory.

The mineral content analysis determines if there are any non-bacterial elements that may hinder health or quality of life. This analysis may be accomplished by a recognised laboratory or by any appropriate entity according to the degree of results precision required by the client. We do most mineral analysis in shop.

NOTE: If you are buying or selling a home chances are you will require a Potabel Water Analysis Certificate. The bacterial analysis offered by Technic-Eau is done for us by H2Lab located in St-Agathe, Quebec and is accepted by all financial institutions.

If you are located near St-Jerome

Bacteriological Analysis: If you are located near our store located at 954a Labelle in St-Jerome (just  North of Lajeunesse), you can come in and pick up the appropriate bacteriological sampling bottle.

If you cannot get to our store during our regular office hours we always keep a quantity of bottles with instructions in our mail box located to the right of our main entrance door.

Once you bring in your filled (see how below) bacteriological sampling bottle to our store, calculate that it will take up to 4-5 business days to receive the results. Sometimes sooner depending on the time of year. Samples in before noon leave on that day so you would get it slightly faster. We can accept bacteriological samples on Monday to Thursday from 9 to 5 and up to 12 noon on Friday.

Potable water analysis for legal consideration: If you are getting a water analysis done for any legal purposes, it's better to be two non-related people one takes the sample and one as witness and both bring the sample to our shop together, This way the Judge can't say "How do we know the water came from there". Or you can hire us to take the sample for you for an additional fee.

Physico-chemical Water Analysis

You can use any bottle type but here are two distinct conditions to follow.

Bottles that contained a liquid or objects
other than only water.
Rinse the bottle, the cap and any removable seal 3 times with hot water and three times with cold water in order to remove all sugar traces. Fill slowly to the top so no air pocket.

Bottles that contained only water.
Rinse the bottle, the cap and any removable seal 3 times with cold water. Fill slowly to the top so no air pocket.

If you live far from St-Jerome.

You can always take your sample, package it up well and send it to us by ParBus or Post.  Please be sure to add your contact  information. We will call you when we recieve it to work out the details.

Here is our price list for water analysis when you bring in your sample to Technic-Eau in St-Jerome.

Bacteriological Analysis
by H2Lab - St-Agathe

Parameter (Recommended Limit)
Total coliformes (must be 10 or less)
Fecal coliformes (mus be zero)
Fecal streptocoqus (must be zero)
Atypical colonies (must be 200 or less)

Price: $75.00 (4  parameters) (Taxes included)

Note: The combined results of these four parameters will determine if your water is potable or not. This is the test required by your mortgage lender when buying or selling a home or when negotiating a new remortgage.

Physico-chemical Analysis No.1
by Technic-Eau - St-Jerome

Color (visual)
Total Dissolved Solids

Price: $45.00 (7 parameters) (Taxes included)

Physico-chemical Analysis
Single Parameters
(Taxes extra)
by H2Lab - St-Agathe

Manganese - $15.00
Sulfur - $20.00
Tannin - $16.00
Alcalinity - $20.00
Chloride - $20.00
Nitrate - $24.00
Copper - $24.00
Lead - $40.00

Other (please contact us for other parameters)
Water sampling method for
Bacteriological Analysis.

Warning: Do not open the sampling bottle (bottle) until it is ready to be filled. Please wait till Step 7 before you open it. The bottle comes containing either a powder, liquid drops or a pill that must remain in the bottle when filling. Do not rinse.

1) Keep the bottle clean. If you are taking a sample at more then one location, write the location on the label.

2) At the kitchen faucet remove the screen.

3) With a Scott Towel dunked in some chlorine bleach, clean the interior 1 - 2 inches exterior  of the faucet end for 2 minutes.

4) Rinse the exterior of the faucet several times with cold water from the tap.

5) Run the cold water at full flow for five minutes while occasionally rinsing the exteriori again.

6) Reduce the water flow until it is about the diameter of a Bic pen.

7) Take the closed bottle in your hands.

8) Stretch your arms forward with the bottle still closed.

9) Unscrew the cap breaking the seal and while holding the cap in on hand and the bottle in the other, fill the bottle to the cap thread and close the bottle with the cap with a good force.

10) Bring in your sample within 24 hours after the sampling. If you need to store it overnight keep it in the fridge, not the freezer.

11) Do not bring in samples after 12 noon on Friday.

12) We are open from 9 to 5 Monday to Thursday and 9 to 3 on Friday.

13) The analysis cost of $75.00 (Taxes included) can be paid by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Debit Card.

14) Once we receive your analysis results, we will send them to you by email or fax or we will call you as per your choice.

15) We can also send the results to your Notary, your financial institution, your real estate agent or other designated person.

My water analysis result is good!

Congratulations! Your water analysis result is considered potable. Do not forget that a well should be sterilised once every two years and an analyse done once every year so as to confirm your water source is safe.

My water analysis result is not good!

1st analysis not good: You wil need to sterillse the well and redo a 2nd analysis.

2nd analysis still not good even after the well sterilisation: Consider that the water table feeding your well is transporting these bacteria on a permanant basis to your well.

This can be fixed by installing a whole  house Utraviolet Water Sterilization System but only once the Physico-chemical water analysis is done showing levels of hardness, iron, manganese and tannin to be below or at recomended limits otherwise an additional water treatment solution must be installed before the UV unit.

For more information please contact our offices during business hours. 
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