What water testing should I do when I buy a house?

Bacteriological water test

Buying a home with a well? Does the bank require a certificate of drinkability for the water? A bacteriological analysis is required. To do this, come see us in-store to obtain a sterile bottle. You can also drop by outside of business hours to pick up a bottle from our outside box. In either case, we will provide you with the procedure to follow to collect your water so as not to contaminate the sample. This analysis only allows you to detect the presence of bacteria dangerous for your health.

Physico-chemical water test

It is also strongly recommended to complete another analysis called the physico-chemical analysis of your water. This analysis will allow you to know if the composition of your water contains minerals that could make its use unpleasant. The pH level, the amount of iron, the amount of manganese, the hardness, the TDS (total dissolved solids), the tannins and the sulphur are the physico-chemical compositions of water. You will be able to negotiate better by being well informed about the physico-chemical elements of your water.

To learn how to complete a physico-chemical test, refer to the procedure to follow.

I am buying a home that is equipped with one of your water treatment systems

We invite you to contact us to make the appropriate customer file change with the relevant address. Take water samples and drop them off at our store. We will provide you with an explanation of the water treatment system and its operation. If there are more inhabitants than the previous occupants, changes to the settings of the equipment may be in order.

I am buying a house with an unknown water treatment system (orphan system)

In order for Technic-Eau to identify your system, take water samples and two or three photos of your appliances. You can drop them off at our store to open a file and receive information in person. Once we have the analyses, we will be able to determine whether a service call is necessary.

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