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It is now possible to do your water test outside of our opening hours!

Arrangements have been made to make the water testing process easier. A drop deposit for your water analysis bottles is now available right at our front door.

In addition, an online form allows you to enter your contact information and make your payment easily and securely.

At Filtration Technic-Eau, we analyse your water with a precision worthy of your trust since 1992!



Did you know that it is strongly recommended that you test your well water at least once a year?

Just as a doctor performs tests and analyses to identify the precise causes of an illness, your water must also be analyzed to identify elements that may be harmful to your health or quality of life.

If you need help determining the best water treatment method for your particular situation, the first step is to perform a proper water test.

Two different types of analysis allow you to ensure that your water is drinkable (bacteriological analysis) and to verify if it has changed radically in terms of its components (physicochemical analysis).

Bacteriological analysis

The bacteriological water test determines if your water is drinkable or not, that is to say if it contains bacteria that are harmful to people’s health. This analysis is required by many financial institutions in order to grant either a line of credit or a mortgage loan for the purchase of a house or for self-construction when the house is served by a well.

This bacteriological analysis must be performed by a laboratory accredited by the Ministry of the Environment. The bacteriological analysis offered by Technic-Eau is recognized by financial institutions, real estate brokerage firms and notaries.

Once the bacteriological water sample is delivered to our offices, the results are generally sent out within a maximum of 5 business days.

How do I proceed with a bacteriological water test?

You can simply come into our store to pick up a sterile sample bottle for the bacteriological analysis and consult the procedure for taking the sample.

If you can’t make it to our store during business hours, we make sure to keep bottles in our outside mailbox next to the front door. You can come in any time of the day or night. Return the bottle during our business hours or leave it in our night drop box, and then submit the documents and payment remotely.

What will be analyzed in your bacteriological water test:

Total coliform count

Fecal coliform count

Fecal streptococci count

Atypical colony count

Price of a bacteriological water test

$100.00 (taxes included)

Physical-chemical water test

The analysis of the physico-chemistry of the water determines whether it contains elements that are harmful to health or quality of life (colour, taste, iron, manganese, hardness, sulfur, tannin, TDS, pH, turbidity, etc.). The physico-chemical analysis can be performed by our laboratory. For this analysis, no need for a sterile bottle, but it is important to follow the procedure to take your water sample. Results are generally obtained within 2 business days.

What will be analyzed in your physical-chemical test:




Hardness (Limestone)


Total dissolved solids (TDS)

H2S – Sulfur

Price of a physico-chemical water test

$60.00 (taxes included)

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