Does your water...
...feel hard as rock?
Water hardness is surly the Worlds' most rampant problem. Hardness causes greyish deposits on tiles, dishes, plumbing and increases the use of soaps. It builds up in faucets and destroys seals and creates a thick hard crust on  heating elements lowering the efficiency and the useful life of such systems. Hardness also combines with soaps neutralizing its cleaning action requiring more soap to do the same work while also producing a scum residue on the sidewalls of bathtubs.
...stain red like iron?
Iron in water can be seen in two major ways; 1) tap water flows with a red colour meaning the iron is in its ferric form. 2) tap water flows clear but changes color when left to sit for a while. Iron stains clothing, appliances while it imparts a metallic taste. Iron mixes with hardness and other mineral  to produce a hard crusty deposit in water pipes. Iron is highly undesirable.
...smell like rotten eggs?
You know when sulfur is in your water. It gives that patented scent of rotten eggs that is hard to forget. Drinking sulfur water is almost impossible. Sulphur causes premature failures in pipes, valves and connection integrity. Children starting showering and sulfur don't mix. Sulfur amplifies in the water heater and over the years may create stalagmite formations at the base. Sulfur is useful to spark a match, but it will never spark your desire.
...have a very displeasing taste?
Potable water should not impart a taste. Otherwise as with anything else, you would grow tired of that same taste day after day. That's why water is neutral. It hydrates with a neutral taste so you can then use it to produce your soups, drinks, cooking, baking and  other domestic uses and hygiene. Water taste comes from the presence of minerals, chemicals, organic or biological substances all combine in millions of variations that can be corrected to provide the great refreshing water we all yearn for. 
...ressemble a tea factory?
Take two white styrofoam cups. Fill one with bottled water, the other with your cold tap water after 2 minutes of free flow, both filled to about 3/4 up. Now look at both cups side by side from the top down. Notice anything? Does the bath water get darker as the water level rises? Tannin causes stains, it cloaks some iron from being removed by certain systems plus it reduces translucence for UV applications. All in all tannin is always noticed but rarely desired.
If you answered Yes to any or all of the above, you have the water treatment solutions at hand!
Filtration Technic-Eau Quebec Inc. has the experience and the equipement know-how to fix any problem water with methods that will always advantage the home owner for easiest upkeep, best durbility, greatest performance and a decent price to boot. A good part of our work is fixing others mistakes plus sometimes a client winds up with less systems because they had been oversold. Since 1988 our base premise has always been "to serve the clients needs". Let us help you attain great water.
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The best systems always start with a proper water sampling method and analysis. You can't just fill any bottle any way and get the proper portrayal of the water contents. There are tricks, like Avalanche Mode when your water really contains medium levels of iron but the way your sampled it shows high levels of iron so you are paying more to meet a higher threshold level, for nothing. There is a method and it all starts with the water analysis. We will then have questions about the pump, well, sump pump, septic system, floor drain or not, space limitations, work hours, family number, other special uses, etc. We look over many points before a unit goes into a  home.

The water analysis result is the conductor of the water treatment symphony as they play their parts to produce the desired pure water melody. Please look over the left side of our home page showing Water Analysis for more information on how to take water samples.
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