Wells and septic system: what do I need to know when building a house?

You can choose every aspect of the construction of your future home except the quality of the water in your new well. You should be aware of some of the problems that can arise if you aren’t properly prepared.


Wells and septic system

More and more builders are choosing their type of septic system from three popular choices: Ecoflo, Enviro-Septic or BioNest. These three systems share the same shortcoming: they do not accept all types of discharge to the septic tank. Cleaning water from the treatment system and cooking grease, among other things, can compromise the warranty of your septic system. It is therefore important to be aware of your warranty contract.

If you have a septic system, ask your builder to install a sump pump. Sump pumps are equipped with a pump that sends water through a pipe to the outside of the house or to a ditch. This way, if you have to treat your water for various problems, you won’t have to compromise the warranty on your septic system. You will also be protected in case of water damage caused by the water heater or groundwater backup.

By the same token, we suggest that you connect all your floor drains to the sump pump located inside the house, in the basement. You can then be sure you have built your house according to the rules of the trade.


Installation of flexible pipes from the mechanical room

In the event that you need a filtration system for drinking water, plan for the installation of a 1/2″ polyethylene flexible pipe from your mechanical room to your kitchen sink. You can also run it from the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink. This will allow you to install the appropriate filter in the mechanical room and send the purified water directly to the kitchen and/or bathroom without having to monopolize the space under your sink.


Mechanical room

Allow adequate space in your mechanical room for the installation of at least two water treatment devices, i.e. approximately 3.5′ wide by 1.5′ deep by 70” high. To properly plan the installation of a water treatment system, find out where it would be best located in a home.

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